Israel Study Tour with Riverside Community Church

Apr 13-23, 2016

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Israel By Way of Iceland

Today has been wild and crazy, but at least most of us made it, right? We began the trip with 17 but we had to leave 3 in Iceland due to a medical issue. God willing, they will join up with us soon and we will have our complete team once again!

The trip was a little longer than expected, but we are all excited for what God has before us. We have enjoyed the landscape and getting familiar with the geography. While on the way to the hotel, we got a little lesson (with huge impact) on Psalm 23 and just what those images that David portrays REALLY look like and mean.

We have arrived at the Dead Sea safely and eaten well. Tired and exhausted, I am sure all of us will sleep well tonight! We can’t wait to see what God has in store for tomorrow!

Brian Gunter

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