HESED Service Tour

February 17 - March 6, 2016

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Help support our friends in Israel in their time of need.

Vigor and enthusiasm

Our Hesed 2016 team of 24 volunteers are now all together and settled into our Israeli hotel. The day began with everyone meeting at JFK airport in New York. There we enjoyed being sent on our journey once again by the National Director of American Friends of the Kaplan Medical Center (http://afkmc.org/), Lou Balcher. Lou shared his heart for Kaplan and his appreciation for what we do for Kaplan Medical Center. Our hearts felt rekindled by Lou's presentation to continue to do our volunteer work with even more vigor and enthusiasm.

The day continued to be blessed by the Lord giving us good weather, everyone arrived on time, no one's luggage was lost, and checking into our Israel flight was a breeze.

The flight over the Atlantic was uneventful. Few of us were able to sleep on the plane, which means most if not all of us are exhausted tonight. Jet lag is always a difficult thing, but the Lord gives grace to get through it and to be refreshed for what He has called us to do here.

The only remarkable event of the day took place two miles from our hotel. After a long day of meeting together, flying, going through passport control, getting our luggage, standing around, getting our rental vans, standing around some more, loading our luggage into another van, trying to find our rental vans in the parking lot, and then driving to our hotel, as I was driving the lead van all of us began to smell something burning. I realized by the feel in the stick shift that the clutch was burning and not catching gear. I was able to make it to the hotel, but almost did not get up the hill to the reception building because the clutch was almost gone and smoke was billowing out of the sides of the vehicle. It smelled something awful.

I remember signing a document at the rental van counter stating that we would not smoke in the van. But nobody told me that it would be the van that would end up doing the smoking! Tomorrow I will have to call the rental company and see if we can get the van replaced. It is crucial with all of the driving we do for our volunteer work that we have reliable transportation.

I know God will work it all out. But for now, my eyes are so heavy. I know I have to get some sleep before I . . . . zzzzzz.

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