HESED Service Tour

February 17 - March 6, 2016

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Saying Goodbye

I can’t believe our ten days at Kaplan have come to an end. This was my second year serving with Hesed and working in the kitchen/dining room. Renewing friendships with Israelis I had met last year, as well as forging new friendships this year, has been especially meaningful. Working side by side with them also brings opportunities for us to share our lives with one another. I also learned the intricacies of running a kosher dish washer and I appreciate how hard each person works day after day at a very repetitive but vital job.

Many workers originally came from Yemen, Ethiopia, and the Ukraine to settle in the land promised to Abraham in an unconditional covenant 4,000 years ago. God is certainly gathering His Jewish people to their land. Though we do not speak a common language, we somehow manage to communicate with gestures and facial expressions. They have also been able to teach me a few words in Hebrew. My prayer is that they will see the love of Yeshua in me (Matt 5:16). We said our goodbyes with hugs of genuine affection, a heartfelt conclusion to our time together.

Our day was not yet complete, however. The evening was spent at the home of Ruth and Ezekiel, two Israelis who have befriended FOI people for some years. Ruth had spent three days preparing food for all of us to enjoy. Her husband had once been a bodyguard for Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion.

Ruth is retired from Kaplan Medical Center and is the coach for the Israeli women’s basketball team. In her youth she had also been a professional dancer. But what impressed me most was the love they showed to thirteen girls, ages 12-15, whom they had served as foster parents over the years. Most of the girls are now living productive adult lives. The generosity of this kind couple is an example of the special people we have encountered during our stay here in Israel.

Dot Kitchin

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