HESED Service Tour

February 17 - March 6, 2016

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Help support our friends in Israel in their time of need.

Helping to make a difference

It's our third day of work here at Kaplan Medical Center and our team is settling into a comfortable routine. We're starting to build relationships with each other and those we work with. I'm working in the warehouse, where I worked last year. I'm shrink wrapping material on pallets, and covering larger items with plastic. We have a great supervisor from Kaplan working with us. His name is Efim, and he is from Russia.

It brings me great joy in my heart to know that we are helping to make a difference here at Kaplan and for the people of Israel. The joy I have in my heart and spirit makes our work fun.

I'll WRAP things up with blessings and joy from Israel. Shalom.

—Lee Smith

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