Israel Study Tour with The Well Community Church

February 14-25, 2016

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Nothing can separate us

Today was another opportunity to experience insightful teaching and put many more Biblical stories into historic context. From the compromised lives that led to all sorts of truly twisted living at Dan and Caesarea Philippi to learning about family life in “insula”, the structure of family and community in Jesus’ day, these places bring new pictures, many pictures, into our minds. We have been challenged to not only understand the lives of those we read about but to examine our own lives also. Where are the areas of compromise in our lives and what might that, however small, lead to in the future? How are you living and interacting with your family and community and what is the impact? We have been chosen by God and all He expects of us is to represent that fact. He is for us! He justifies us! No one, nothing, can separate us from Him and His love. What a glorious thing to be reminded of. Northern Israel is lush, green, full of flowing water, and beautiful. How much more beautiful is EVERYTHING that Jesus has done and is doing just for you?

—Diane & Dan Gilbert

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