Israel Study Tour with Bethel Bible Church

October 24 - November 4, 2015

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He is trustworthy

In Ein Avdat, the desert: We were led into the barren land that God took the nation of Israel, to show them how He could provide. Even when doubting, God assures us that He is trustworthy. The promises of God are not for the purpose of us possessing them (the land), it is to show us that we are His prized possession; not what we can do, but rather what God has done and will do.

In a Bedouin village, we rode camels and enjoyed the hospitality of these nomads, with tea, coffee and cakes. Like Abraham showed hospitality to three strangers (Gen. 18), we experienced first-hand the culture of this desert people. As strangers to God, He has welcomed us into His family/community.

Now, off to the Salt Sea…

Randy & Jennifer Collins – Tyler, TX

Ein Avdat

The Nahal Zin is 75 miles (120 km) long and drains 600 sq. miles (1550 sq. km). It is the largest wadi that begins in the Negev. The Nahal Zin was created by reverse erosion as the great height difference between the Negev Highlands and the Jordan Rift caused the underlayers to erode during the rainy season, resulting in the collapse of the harder strata of rock above. The landscape is mostly Eocene limestone, consisting of some brown-black layers of low-grade flint. The flint slows down the erosion of the limestone.

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Dead Sea

Known in the Bible as the “Salt Sea” or the “Sea of the Arabah,” this inland body of water is appropriately named because its high mineral content allows nothing to live in its waters. Other post-biblical names for the Dead Sea include the “Sea of Sodom,” the “Sea of Lot,” the “Sea of Asphalt” and the “Stinking Sea.” In the Crusader period, it was sometimes called the “Devil’s Sea.” All of these names reflect something of the nature of this lake.

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