Israel Study Tour - Bridgeway Christian Church

Aug 31 - Sep 11, 2015

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A Long Flight Ahead!

Well here we are, heading towards airports, bags packed, our routines and everyday life behind us and the Beautiful Land of Israel before us. The last 24 hours are a mixture of rushing to purchase one more thing, packing, and also stirring on God’s Word and the many lessons we experience in His Revelation and will soon see brightly in their actual locations.

Pictures and stories will soon be up and spreading, but remember God has our senses set up to first experience this in our hearts.

If you'd like to follow our flights, check out one of the links below!

San Francisco to Istanbul - Departs Today at 6:10p PST

Istanbul to Tel Aviv - Departs Tomorrow at 8:15a PST

See you at the airport; bags in tow, Hebrew on your lips, and the Spirit of God indwelling you!

He Reigns,
Matt Bach


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