Legacy Path Tour

June 22 - July 3, 2015

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God’s Story in Us

Our last day in the Galilee began at the beach with a short devotional. As usual, we shared God moments and God sightings of the previous day. God continues to speak and bless us with His faithful presence. The first drive stretched slightly longer than most days. After arriving, we began hiking atop a 1st century Roman Road. The precision of the Romans built a legacy of their presence in the world. But as we would soon see, their legacy has been mixed at best. As a group, we began to identify Rome in us and in our world. We were reminded of the Scripture challenging believers to live in the world and not of it. As salt and light, we can’t run from the culture and at the same time, we can’t embrace a path away from Christ. With each decision we learned to ask the question, “Can I love God with all I am in the midst of this?” With baths, saunas, gymnasiums, shops, and violin music in the latrine, Rome seems so appealing. But its beauty is only as deep as the plaster and tile overlaid floors. All of its promises eventually fall in the earthquakes of life. All that is left in the ruins is empty promises.

Following a short tractor tram ride to the bus, we headed to a place of blessings and curses and learned a tale of two kings. One chose to inquire of the Lord and the other inquired of another. As the story unfolded, we learned to seek the Lord until He leads instead of taking things into our own hands. Lunch followed as we sat under the shade of the Olive trees, ate turkey and salami sandwiches, and enjoyed schweppes lemon drink, RC Cola, and mango magic.

Next, we uniquely traveled to the other side enjoying the breeze and rolling waves. The hike ahead led us along guarded paths and ancient fountains…the opulence of Rome again on display. But here we were challenged to share our story and let God change lives through it. His story, as told through the transparent lives of His sons and daughters transformed the cities of this region. And these same stories can transform our Rome. We must tell our story. Hiking down, the duck only quacked and we were thankful. The final stop was the Sea. Earlier we traversed its waves eyeing the cool water from above. This time we wandered in with intention. We were there to symbolically commit our lives to the story of the Galilee with our head, heart, hands and feet. This is a beautiful land with a story to tell. The sites unmistakably point to the the great Disciple-Maker leading His triangle boys to courageously change the world. And we now hold that responsibility. As we sit this final evening in the Galilee looking across the lake, our eyes see the bright lights of a city on a hill. It’s light shines for all to see. Weary travelers find their way to the light. And we are reminded of the words of Jesus. We are a city on a hill designed to bring light, hope and life to those in darkness, desperation and death. Lord, give us courage for the road ahead.

As for the group, all is well. There is an ever sweetening aroma of laughter and love and thanks to the laundromat, a better general aroma as well. Our sadness to leave this place is tempered only by the reality that we are one day closer to putting our arms around family and friends. We miss you and as always, are praying for you all.

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