Israel Study Tour - The Church At Rocky Peak (Sep)

Sep 8-19, 2014

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A New Low

Hello from the LOWEST place on the face of this Earth! The Dead Sea. This is Brad here and I thought I’d give you an update of what we were up to today. Needless to say, there were still a few of us making some adjustments to our circadian rhythm (i.e., jet lag), but we started off with a terrific breakfast and then made the trek to the Wilderness of Zin. I personally was not expecting much from a “hike through the wilderness”, but oh, oh, oh was I wrong. The scenery was absolutely spectacular and throughout the day there was an excellent thread of teaching and discussions around the historical events of people meeting God in the desert. The experience really brought many of the Bible desert stories to life for me. After climbing out of the gorgeous canyons of the wilderness, we had the opportunity to go for a camel ride, which was followed up with a dip in the Dead Sea. Both of which, I will always remember for the rest of my life. They were just so much fun to experience. It’s only been two days and it feels like a week! I believe it’s because we have no time wasted and we’re constantly learning and growing closer to God as well as each other. Looking forward to what tomorrow brings!!

Ein Avdat

The Nahal Zin is 75 miles (120 km) long and drains 600 sq. miles (1550 sq. km). It is the largest wadi that begins in the Negev. The Nahal Zin was created by reverse erosion as the great height difference between the Negev Highlands and the Jordan Rift caused the underlayers to erode during the rainy season, resulting in the collapse of the harder strata of rock above. The landscape is mostly Eocene limestone, consisting of some brown-black layers of low-grade flint. The flint slows down the erosion of the limestone.

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