Israel Study Tour - Rod VanSolkema

Jun 22 - Jul 4, 2014

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Fit into a day

From Galilee we make our Aliyah to Jerusalem

Israel is now a nation in mourning, we heard that last night that they found the three boys who were murdered. Our hearts break for them and we mourn with those who mourn.

As we left the sea of Galilee this morning, I am finding it bittersweet to leave each place. Israel is finding its way in my heart. Each place is hard to leave but then we find that we love the next place as well.

Often I have things that I need to relearn. Here I realized again that you cannot judge an individual by what you see just like we don’t judge a book by its cover. I’ve found that there is incredible depth beneath the surface of laughter, and there is laughter ready to bubble out of those who have such depth. We are so varied but it’s beautiful to see how God brings us together. We are now family.

So with my family, my insula, our first stop today was at the Jordan River. It is not what I pictured it is more of a creek this time of year.  Here, we heard how the priests led the people thru the river carrying the ark, their first step took trust.  There was so much more to their story but we here were challenged by the question…….Are you willing to trust God? Many were baptized, making recommitments, renewals. Moved not by peer pressure but by a Holy God, whose Spirit is moving. I see it in the reflective faces and the looks of joy and we Bless God!

It’s hard to believe all that we fit into a day. The road to Jericho, and the good Samaritan. Roman ruins which moved us by its incredible detail and beauty and then sobered us as we saw the Coliseum and  thought of our believing brothers and sisters whose blood has stained that ground.  Really? Isn’t that enough for one day? Hmmm, not here with Rabbi Rod. We had the privilege of seeing the Israeli Museum and the Dead Sea Scrolls and a first century model of Jerusalem from the time of Jesus. That my friends, wets our appetite to see more of Jerusalem tomorrow.  Especially after finishing our evening with at the Western Wall. Well, that was the finish for some of us. Others are making me smile as they play cards, chat and make this such a fun community!

Now off to bed so that we can make the most of tomorrow because the time is short. Shalom J

Judy Boone.


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