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#88 - 2025 Signature Tours Lineup

| Guests: Rich Liverance, Jerrell Jobe

2025 plans are blooming this spring with classic itineraries plus NEW discoveries on our SEVEN Signature Tours! Listen to this fun episode as Rich, Jerrell and Richard describe the lineup one by one: Egypt/Jordan (Footsteps of Moses) - March 5-17, 2025 Jordan/Saudi Arabia - March 16-24, 2025 Turkey/Greece - April 24 - May 5, 2025 Stand with Israel - Aug. 24 - Sept. 4, 2025 Jordan/Israel - Sept. 6-18, 2025 Germany/Switzerland (Reformation Tour) - Oct. 6-17, 2025 Greece/Rome - Oct. 16-27, 2025

Regardless of which trip you choose, you will enjoy the best of the country and culture we are visiting, as well as local guides, exceptional food, diverse itinerary, and biblical teaching. Join us and watch the Land and Lessons of the Bible come to LIFE!

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What is a Signature Tour? If you’ve heard us talking about our Signature Tours, you may be wondering how they differ from other tours we run. Great question. Most of the study tours we run are ‘Partner Tours’ where we partner with a church, university, gap year program, camp, or other ministry. While GTI absolutely loves creating study tours tailored to the needs of each ministry, we started asking, “What kind of tour would we create for ourselves?” The answer is a “Signature Tour”! When you visit a nice restaurant, you look for the offerings on the menu listed as “Signature Items” – the best of what the restaurant has to offer and what most accurately represents who they are as a company. Our Signature Tours highlight not only the best of what a GTI study tour offers, but also the best cultural experiences of the country and culture we are visiting. Combine this with an all-inclusive price, local guides, exceptional food, diverse itinerary, and biblical teaching, and you have one incredible trip!

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