Help support our friends in Israel in their time of need.

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#79 - Giving Back to Israel

| Guests: Rich Liverance, Jerrell Jobe

So many of our friends and followers have recently asked, "How can we help Israel?" and, "How can we help GTI?" This podcast episode will help answer those questions! Rich Ferreira hosts this episode with Israeli friend and guide Nadav as well as staff members Rich and Jerrell. Nadav gives us some personal examples of how adaptive and resourceful Israelis can be in finding ways to keep busy and help others during this period of war. Promises of Glory website provides a platform to support Holy Land merchants during challenging times. A portion of the proceeds will go toward aid and assistance. GTI's "Giving Back" page also features Johnny's souvenir shop in Bethlehem. A win-win is checking off your Christmas list with unique gifts while you support our partners! Be sure to order soon to allow enough time for shipping. Another exciting opportunity is purchasing our NEW GTI MERCH Check out our new designs on t-shirts, sweatshirts, and more! These also make great gifts! All proceeds go toward a fund for our Israeli guides. The best way to support GTI is to join one of our upcoming trips. We have Signature Tours scheduled all throughout 2024, even a new one to GERMANY! Learn more and register at:

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Giving Back

What do we mean by "Giving Back"? Good question. Typically it would not be like us to link to sites with products available for purchase. But from our perspective, this is an opportunity to support our friends during this time. Without them, we could not do what we do. So follow these links to see some amazing products and gifts. When you buy goods from the Land, you are Giving Back to the people and places that are so special to us all.

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