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#68 Planting a Legacy - Interview with Heather Flaig

| Episode Guest: Heather Flaig

Today's podcast is a special one in memory of pastor and trip leader Dave Flaig who passed away in September 2021 from COVID. His wife, Heather, joins us after having returned from Israel with their church group (Sun Grove, out of Elk Grove, CA). She and their 3 adult sons are still grieving, but amidst the sorrow there is a great deal of joy and gratitude. Rich and Heather discuss what they learned in Israel as well as the ways they honored Dave's memory: by bringing along a 19 year-old pastor to invest in his ministry, and by planting an olive tree in the land. The Flaigs believe in the pillars of hospitality, family, community, history and legacy, and so does GTI. There is no better place to place to learn about and celebrate these than in Israel! Heather inspires us to learn from the past, be present in the present, and invest in the future. None of us is guaranteed tomorrow, so love people today, and go to Israel now! Visit photos, links, and more from this episode. If you'd like to see what Heather's trip to Israel was like, follow this link to read the trip blog with photos:

Heather Flaig is a Colorado Girl who married a California Boy named Dave. She graduated from Colorado Christian University with degrees in Liberal Arts and Youth Ministries. Dave and Heather together raised three sons, Zachary, Matthew & Joshua. Following ministry assignments in Colorado and Southern California, their family has served at Sun Grove Church since spring of 2009. Dave and Heather homeschooled their boys and had the joy of experiencing “The Ultimate Field Trip” to Israel together as a family in 2018. It was their dream to take hundreds of people to Israel to walk the Holy Land. Dave went to heaven in September of 2021, but his vision continues! We look forward to sharing the journey to Israel together. Her next trip with Sun Grove is scheduled for December of 2024. Email for inquiries.

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