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#63 Sabbath Part 2: Kingdom Values — Interview with Dave Ferreira

| Episode Guest: Dave Ferreira

Rich is joined today by none other than his father, Dr. David Ferreira from Escondido, California! Continuing the conversation from the last podcast, they further expound upon Isaiah 58:13-14 and God's design for the Sabbath. Dr. Ferreira shares his personal experience of leading his family into this intentional lifestyle and how it has produced much spiritual fruit over the years. His obedience brought blessings, including a love for Israel which has come full circle in Rich's life! The world may always focus on fairness and "getting ahead", but Kingdom Values like compassion and trust keep us focused on what really matters and close to the heart of God.

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Mahane Yehuda Market

It is not for no good reason that the Machane Yehuda Market is widely recognized as a symbol of Jerusalem. After all, Jerusalemites see it as a place that represents, and reflects their unique identity in the broader Israeli social context. is the market is nicknamed "MachneYuda," similarly to the name of one of the finest Israeli restaurants that is located in the market. But this name has something inexpressible to language; it is beyond words, because it reminds Jerusalemites of themselves, their childhoods, resonating the Jerusalem they so deeply love. Even though Jerusalem today has many shopping and entertainment centers, some are located within several hotels in Jerusalem, there remains something unique about the Machane Yehuda Market that continues to attract people – even those without a shopping list. Perhaps the Machne Yehuda Market simply enables us to be who we are – lovers of life and the city of Jerusalem.

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