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#62 Lord of the Sabbath — Interview with Dr. Oliver Hersey

| Episode Guest: Dr. Oliver Hersey

Dr. Oliver Hersey from JUC returns for a third time as our podcast guest today! He shares some exciting opportunities that Jerusalem University offers, including some new LIVE online sessions.

Dr. Hersey also takes a look at the biblical command and concept of Sabbath ("Shabbat" in Hebrew). Drawing from Mark 2 and Isaiah 58, he explains how God designed the Sabbath to be a gift for us, not a burden. Jesus fulfills this commandment by doing all the work necessary for our salvation, therefore bringing us spiritual rest.

JUC online class list for Spring 2023 semester:

Would you like to experience Shabbat in Israel? Joining the September 3-14, 2023 "Homesick for Israel" Tour will allow you to do that! One of our many cultural experiences on this trip is participating in a Shabbat dinner with a Jewish family. You will also be able to see the amazing Mehane Yehuda Market as people prepare for Shabbat. See, smell, touch and taste many of Israel's prized produce and treats!

Learn more and register here:

Dr. Hersey holds a Ph.D. in Old Testament Theology and an M.A. in Biblical Archaeology both from Trinity Evangelical Divinity Seminary. He is passionate about providing opportunity for students to see and understand the context of the Bible so they can grow in their relationship with God and His story. Oliver has over 15 years of experience teaching Bible in a variety of settings including youth camps, college classrooms, and churches. He and his wife Andra and their two children live in Jerusalem.

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