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#60 Context for Kids — Interview with Eric Schrotenboer

| Episode Guest: Eric Schrotenboer

Rich welcomes fellow west-Michigander Eric Schrotenboer back to the podcast today! Since our last visit, Eric and his wife Meredith have been busy creating even more resources for kids to learn about the Lord and the Land. Their works include the original book set The Wandering Wise Men, the 2-in-1 flip book, _Hear, O Israel, and their two most recent projects: The Youngest Disciple (about the life of John) and The Mouse in the Manger (a Nativity story). _Through the rich stories and stunning illustrations, Eric and Meredith's goal is to not only teach children about God but to do so in the correct cultural context. The holidays are quickly approaching! If you'd like to order one or more of these titles for the littles in your life, follow this link:

Watch trailers for the books here:

As parents of two small children, Eric and Meredith Schrotenboer created Fresh Wind Studios out of the desire for them to fall more in love with God’s words. They quickly realized resources that put the Bible stories into their correct context were hard to find.

Eric is a Bible teacher who leads study trips to the lands of the Bible, teaching people the cultural, historical, and geographical context in which it was written. Eric and Meredith know that context matters. The “pictures” that we teach our children will stick with them and shape their faith for the rest of their lives. Fresh Wind Studios both publishes and works with publishing partners to create and distribute a variety of resources to help children and families learn the context of God’s words.

Eric and Meredith are both storytellers at heart. Eric is an award winning filmmaker, and an award winning composer. His ministry is The Acacia Project. Meredith is a morning show news anchor and a certified Enneagram coach.


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