Visit Turkey and Greece
on a GTI Signature Study Tour

April 24 - May 5, 2025

Providing Biblical Study Tours bringing Lands and lessons of the Bible to life



For groups of 30 or more people

You are the most qualified leader for your group. Let us take care of the details so that you can focus on your people.

We specialize in facilitating custom study tours for pastors, professors, speakers, and leaders of all kinds.

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For individuals and small groups

Our group study tours are all-inclusive, biblically focused, guided experiences that will bring the land and lessons of the Bible to life.

We will work with you to place you with a group that best meets your travel requirements and spiritual needs.

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For anyone who wants to learn more

We have created an online curriculum available free to our trip participants to help them get the most of their study tour experience.

Get a thorough introduction to the geography, language, and culture of the Old Testament.

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Recurring trips for colleges, churches, and other ministries

If a recurring study tour tailored to your teachers, curriculum, schedule and participants appeals to your organization, we can arrange a planning trip for your leadership team to meet our guides, preview select sites, and ensure the study tour effectively integrates with your existing programming.

Why GTI Tours?

All Inclusive

Be immersed in the land of the bible without having to manage any travel details.

Guided Experiences

Get the most from your travel with our seasoned guides and knowledgable teachers.

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Biblically Focused

Learn the life-changing lessons of the Bible in the places they actually happened.

Community Oriented

The best travel companions are those who come home with you to continue learning.

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Our Participants Say It Best...

We got to walk the land and it made our bibles come alive, and my son being 17, he needed it to come alive. It solidified his foundation in his faith.

— Joey

I have a masters degree, and I studied the bible for 6 years in higher education and I learned stuff in this one week in Israel I had no clue about.

— Brandon

GTI has done such a great job of taking care of everything... allowing us to feel at home and really focus on the things we needed to from the very beginning.

— Jordan

Upcoming Signature Tours

With 30 years of experience creating trips for other ministries, we've prepared our own signature study tours featuring some of our favorite itineraries and compelling teachers! If you've never been on a GTI Study Tour, take a moment to learn more about what you can expect.