Israel & Jordan

GTI Signature Study Tour

Aug 31 - Sep 12, 2019

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A GTI Signature Tour

What to Expect

A GTI Signature Tour creates a unique context in which you can see Scripture in a new light while enjoying the rich joys of international travel with like-minded community.

Aside from going with your own church, a GTI Signature Tour is the best way to experience the land and lessons of the Bible!

Done right, a study tour can be relaxing and fun! Together with Rich Ferreira and Ronen Ben Moshe, we'll explore the past and present of Israel & Jordan. Each day we'll unpack what we've learned in the context of biblical history as well as our daily faith.

In addition to visiting the ancient sites where Jesus lived and taught, we'll have the opportunity to dip our toes into the Sea of Galilee, the Dead Sea and the Jordan River, not to mention the unique cultural experiences and conversation and fellowship over delicious meals.

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Led by Rich Ferreira

General Manager, GTI Tours

After graduating with his Masters in Theology from Talbot Seminary, Rich and his wife Becky began working full-time for Hume Ministries in 2001. Rich’s passions are discipleship and teaching God’s word in a way that brings it alive in today’s world. In his spare time, Rich enjoys leading Israel Study Tours (32 trips and counting), motorcycle riding, off-roading and spending time with his wife, daughters Ellie and Carmel as well as his two sons Jaron and Ronen. In 2016 Rich and his family moved to Michigan to join the GTI staff where he serves as General Manager.

and Randy Alonso

Pastor, teacher, study tour leader

Randy Alonso has been a pastor for over 30 years and has been married to his wife D’anae for 37 years. Randy first traveled to Israel in 2001 and became an advocate of the land of Israel and the Jewish people. He works with Bridges for Peace, a Jerusalem-based Christian ministry that builds relationships with Jews in Israel and around the globe by serving them unconditionally. He currently is the Executive Pastor of Central Life Church, Melbourne Florida. He holds a Doctorate of Divinity from Masters International University of Divinity and is a graduate of Bridges for Peace Institute of Israel. Randy is also a Certified teacher, coach and speaker for the John Maxwell Team.

with Ronen Ben Moshe

Israeli guide, encyclopedia, companion, servant, and friend

Ronen Ben Moshe has been guiding in Israel since 1994 and has lead hundreds of tours throughout the land. He holds a master’s degree in Middle Eastern history from the Hebrew University as well as vast knowledge of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Once in Israel, Ronen will be your encyclopedia, companion, servant, guide, and friend. Take advantage of his knowledge and generosity as your own curiosity and desire for information inevitably kicks in!

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“GTI Tours has been serving, listening to, and learning from their network of leaders and ministries for years—which is why their study tours are exceptional!“

Dr. Mark Strauss
Bethel Seminary Professor

GTI Tours specializes in biblical study tours that bring the land and lessons of the Bible to life for churches, universities, ministries, and teams.


Departures available from LAX and ORD.
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Sun Sep 1

Welcome to Jordan

Welcome to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. After we arrive at the Amman airport and our luggage is collected we will be met by our Jordanian hosts who will take us directly to our hotel for a good night’s sleep.

Istanbul to Queen Alia, Amman on Turkish Flight #812 departing 9:35pm

Days Inn Hotel Amman
Mon Sep 2

Plains of Moab

The enchanting rose-red façades of Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, beckon, but not before we visit Mount Nebo, the place where God brought Moses to look into the Promised Land. You'll see the Madaba Mosaic Map that covers the floor of the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George and ascend to the Crusader Shobak Castle. We arrive in Petra later that evening for a fantastic dinner at our hotel where we'll spend the night before exploring this amazing site in the morning.

Mount Nebo, Madaba, Umm ar-Rasas, Shoubak
Tue Sep 3

Into the Wilderness

Today we venture into the amazing Nabataean city of Petra with breathtaking canyons and rock-cut architecture. Enjoy a memorable donkey ride as we finish up our time in this picturesque landscape.  After lunch we will head south to the spectacular Wadi Rum. Once we check into our tents we will head out for a jeep ride as we explore the sites and watch an amazing sunset. Our Bedouin friends will have a traditional supper for us called Zarb, (a roasted lamb and/or chicken feast) waiting for us when we return. We’ll say goodnight and make our way to our personal tents where we’ll spend the evening “glamping” at Sun City Camp.

Petra, Wadi Rum
Wed Sep 4

God Among Us

After a great night of star gazing and enjoying the amazing sunrise we’ll make our way by motor coach from Jordan into Israel via the Arava border crossing. Once in Israel we will be greeted by our Israeli hosts and make a stop to see the Tabernacle replica in the Negev Wilderness before heading to our hotel for a float in the Dead Sea.

Arava border crossing, Tabernacle replica, Dead Sea Swim
Thu Sep 5

Lessons from the Desert

Today is spent in the Negev where we’ll take a cable car to the top of Masada, the fortress where Jewish defenders made their last stand against the Romans in 73 AD. Next we’ll visit Ein Gedi where David hid from Saul and penned many of the Psalms. Continuing on to Qumran we’ll explore the area where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found and then finish our day by arriving at Ein Gev Hotel, which will be our home for the next three days. Fellowship, reflection and relaxation will come easy over dinner and a beautiful sunset next to the Sea of Galilee.

Masada, Ein Gedi, Qumran
Fri Sep 6

“Who Do You Say that I Am”

Today we follow Jesus to Caesarea Philippi where he asked the disciples the essential question “who do you say that I am”. Enjoy the views from the Golan Heights as we make our way to the Hula valley and then down to the Jordan River. We finish our day with a visit to the 3 Vines Winery to watch the sunset and enjoy some Israeli hospitality and culture.

Katzrin, Mount Bental, Caesarea Philippi, 3 Vines Winery
Sat Sep 7

Jesus the Master Teacher

Start the morning with breakfast overlooking Sea of Galilee as we continue our Journey. Today we’ll explore the region where Jesus did over 90% of his miracles and teaching. Visit Capernaum (Jesus’ hometown) as well as the Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus gave the famous Sermon on the Mount. Finish the day enjoying an evening boat ride on the Sea of Galilee.

Capernaum, Mount Arbel, Tabgha, Mount of Beatitudes, Ancient Boat (Ginosar), Galilee Boat Ride
Sun Sep 8

Gods Plan at Work

Today we begin in the ancient Roman Decapolis city of Beth Sean as we learn about first century Roman culture. This is also the region where Saul and Jonathan were killed in battle and Gideon picked his men to fight the Midianites. From here we visit Megiddo (the Biblical location of the battle of Armageddon) and Mount Carmel where Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal. We will journey to Caesarea Maritima, former Roman capital of Judea, where the centurion Cornelius heard the Gospel preaching of Peter (Acts 10) and later Paul was imprisoned (Acts 25.26). Our day concludes as we check into our hotel in Jerusalem.

Beth Shean, Megiddo, Mt. Carmel, Caesarea Maritima
Mon Sep 9

A Holy City

Welcome to the Holy City of Jerusalem. For the next three days we will walk the ancient alleyways and visit its numerous Biblical sites. Be ready to step back into the first century as we explore our Bible and experience all that Jerusalem and Bethlehem has to offer.

Temple Mount, Western Wall, Rabbinic Tunnels, Herodium, Bethlehem, Johnny's (shopping)
Tue Sep 10

City Of David

No trip to Israel would be complete without experiencing some of the famous archeological sites like the City of David and the Israeli Museum. Experience the tunnel that Hezekiah built to bring water into the city as well as the famous Pool of Siloam. We will conclude our day with some shopping and a visit to the Holocaust museum Yad Vashem.

City of David, Hezekiah's Tunnel, Pool of Siloam, Yad Vashem
Wed Sep 11

God’s Plan Revealed

On our last day we will continue to enjoy the amazing sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the Old City of Jerusalem and areas near by as we walk from the Mount of Olives to the place of crucifixion. The evening will conclude with a farewell dinner as we recount our amazing journey and get to say goodbye to our Israeli friends before heading back to the hotel to pack for the flight home.

Mount of Olives, Gethsemane, Pool of Bethesda, Saint Anne's, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Southern Steps, Farewell Dinner

Flight Details

Sat, Aug 31 2019
Depart O'Hare at 9:40pm
ORD to IST on TK6
Arrive Istanbul at 4:15pm
Duration: 10 hours 35 minutes
Sun, Sep 1 2019
Depart Istanbul at 9:35pm
IST to AMM on TK812
Arrive Queen Alia, Amman at 11:55pm
Duration: 02 hours 20 minutes
Thu, Sep 12 2019
Depart Tel Aviv at 8:50am
TLV to IST on TK785
Arrive Istanbul at 12:20pm
Duration: 03 hours 30 minutes
Thu, Sep 12 2019
Depart Istanbul at 2:00pm
IST to ORD on TK5
Arrive O'Hare at 5:35pm
Duration: 11 hours 35 minutes
Sat, Aug 31 2019
Depart Los Angeles at 6:30pm
LAX to IST on TK10
Arrive Istanbul at 5:40pm
Duration: 13 hours 10 minutes
Sun, Sep 1 2019
Depart Istanbul at 9:35pm
IST to AMM on TK812
Arrive Queen Alia, Amman at 11:55pm
Duration: 02 hours 20 minutes
Thu, Sep 12 2019
Depart Tel Aviv at 8:50am
TLV to IST on TK785
Arrive Istanbul at 12:20pm
Duration: 03 hours 30 minutes
Thu, Sep 12 2019
Depart Istanbul at 1:00pm
IST to LAX on TK009
Arrive Los Angeles at 4:50pm
Duration: 13 hours 50 minutes

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Your tour leader, study materials, and even itinerary are biblically focused, creating a journey that will draw you more deeply into God’s Word with each step you take.

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Each stop on your itinerary is selected because it provides an experience than brings meaning and emotional significance to the information you will be learning.

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