Egypt / Jordan

Mar 16-28, 2023

Egypt / Jordan

Mar 16-28, 2023

Experience Egypt on a GTI Signature Study Tour and you'll see Scripture in a new light.

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What to Expect

Egypt is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible over 700 times, Other than Canaan (the land of Israel), Egypt is the most frequently mentioned place in the Bible. Throughout Scripture, Egypt is a place of testing and transition, but it serves as protection and refuge.

As we cruise along the Nile River, we will look at the life of Joseph, step into the world of Moses, and explore the geography and culture that shaped the ancient Egyptian's view of life. As we take in amazing sites and breathtaking views, we will excavate the Egyptian nuances buried within Scripture and their relevance for us today.

We then fly across the Sinai Peninsula over to Jordan, where we follow the Israelite exodus narrative on their way to the Promised Land. Our journey concludes on Mt. Nebo, as we take in a panorama view into the Israel.

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Listen to the GTI podcast as leaders discuss the Egypt / Jordan Study Tour and the sites you will experience on this once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Your Leader

Dr. Jonathan & Jennifer Greer

Grand Rapids Theological Seminary

Jonathan & Jennifer Greer have enjoyed learning and teaching the Story of the Bible together in a variety of contexts in the Middle East for nearly two decades. They are faculty members at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary where Jonathan serves as Associate Professor of Old Testament and Director of the Hesse Archaeological Lab and Jennifer as Adjunct Instructor of Bible with a New Testament focus. Together they lead an annual study tour course in cooperation with GTI to the lands of the Bible as well as courses in biblical interpretation and background studies. Jonathan holds M.A. degrees in Old Testament and Biblical Languages from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and a Ph.D. from The Pennsylvania State University where he focused on Hebrew Bible, ancient Near Eastern studies, and archaeology. He is also the Associate Director of archaeological excavations at Tel Dan, Israel, and has published a number of works on the relationship of the Bible to the ancient world. Jennifer earned an M.Div. at Gordon-Conwell and, in addition to her teaching, serves in leadership at Madison Square Church in Grand Rapids, where they reside with their three children. She and Jonathan are currently working on a book entitled How to Read the Bible in Its Ancient World and Why It Matters for Ours. They look forward to every opportunity to teach the Bible and find no better classroom than the lands where the Story all began.

The Details


Thu Mar 16

A day of travel

O'Hare to Istanbul on Turkish Flight #6 departing 10:40pm

Le Meridien Airport Hotel
Fri Mar 17

Welcome to present day Cairo and ancient Egypt

After our luggage is collected, we’re taken by motor coach to the wonderful Le Meridian Pyramids Hotel for a good night’s sleep before our adventure begins in the morning.

Istanbul to Cairo International on Turkish Flight #694 departing 7:10pm
Sat Mar 18

Ancient Egypt: The Pyramids & the Old Kingdom

After breakfast and our morning orientation meeting, we will make our way to the iconic Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx, all constructed during ancient Egypt’s Old Kingdom period.

Pyramids, Sphinx

Grand Egyptian Museum
Sun Mar 19

Ancient Egypt: The Pyramids & the Old Kingdom

After a delicious breakfast we will venture out but not very far. Near our hotel is the new Grand Egyptian Museum, over 5 million square feet of Ancient Egyptian antiquities under one roof! We will be the first GTI group to tour this incredible place! After lunch, we will head to Cairo airport and fly to ancient Thebes, modern day Luxor, where we will be taken to the beautiful Nile River Palace for a good meal and well-earned sleep.

Grand Egyptian Museum
Cairo International to Luxor International on Charter Flight Flight # departing 5:30pm
Mon Mar 20

The Greatness of Pharaoh: New Kingdom Mortuary Temples

We will begin the day with a “hands-on” experience of brick making, much in the same way the ancient Israelites would have known it, and then we will cross over to the west bank of the Nile River. There we will visit the Ramseum (the memorial temple of Ramesses II) and Karnak Temple as we discuss the power of New Kingdom pharaohs, the crisis of ca. 1200 BC, and how these realities relate to the biblical story. This afternoon we will board our lovely Nile cruise ship.

Bricks, Ramseum, Karnak
Movenpick Cruise Ship
Tue Mar 21

The Quest for Eternity: Valley of the Kings

We will head back to the west bank of the Nile and there we will explore the elaborately painted tombs of key Pharaohs in the Valley of the Kings. We will also visit the mortuary temple of the female pharaoh Hatshepsut. That afternoon, we will re-board our beautiful cruise ship and begin our journey along the Nile.

Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut's Temple, Medinet Habu
Movenpick Cruise Ship
Wed Mar 22

Cosmic Order & Chaos: Ptolemaic Temples

This is a day of cruising and touring as we make our way south. First we will come to Edfu where we disembark to visit what is perhaps the best-preserved temple in all of Egypt: the temple of Horus, the son of Osiris and Isis, and protector of Pharaoh. Returning to our ship we will continue to sail south to visit the temple at Kom Ombo, which honors Sobek the crocodile-headed protector of Egypt.

Edfu Temple, Kom Ombo
Movenpick Cruise Ship
Thu Mar 23

Securing the Border: The First Cataract and Elephantine Island

This day, after a visit to the massive “unfinished obelisk,” we will explore Elephantine Island in the center of the Nile, the site of a temple to Khnum, an Egyptian creator deity, and also a temple to Yahweh, built by a Jewish mercenary community who wrote letters to Jerusalem mentioning figures from the book of Nehemiah. In the evening, we head back to our cruise ship for dinner and our last night on board.

Obelisk, Elephantine Island
Movenpick Cruise Ship
Fri Mar 24

Into the Wilderness: Wadi Rum

This morning we will bid farewell to our ship and crew and make our way to Aswan airport. There, we will board our private chartered jet and fly to Aqaba, Jordan, to our waiting motor coach which will bring us to the spectacular Wadi Rum. Once we check into our tents, we will head out for a jeep ride in the majestic desert as we explore the sites and watch an amazing sunset. Our Bedouin friends will have a traditional supper for us called “zarb”, (a roasted lamb and/or chicken feast) waiting for us when we return. We will say goodnight and make our way to our personal tents where we spend the evening “glamping” at Sun City Camp.

Aswan, Aqaba, Wadi Rum Jeep Tour
Aswan International to King Hussein International on Charter Flight Flight # departing 9:00am

Sat Mar 25

Petra: Lost City of the Nabateans

After a great night of star gazing and enjoying the amazing sunrise we will make our way by motor coach to the World Heritage site of Petra to learn about the Nabateans, and their relationship to the biblical story, and see to their distinctive tomb façades.

Sun Mar 26

Transitions: The Plains of Moab & Mt. Nebo

After visiting a mosaic floor portraying the oldest map of the Holy Land, we will explore the Plains of Moab and Mt. Nebo, where we will consider the transition of leadership from Moses to Joshua. Following a delicious Jordanian lunch, we will make our way to the Dead Sea for dinner & overnight at the Holiday Inn Resort.

Basilica of Saint George , Mount Nebo, Dead Sea

Mon Mar 27

Finishing in Jordan

For our last day in Jordan, we will enjoy the stunning site of Jerash. Jerash (called Gerasa in the Bible) was one of the ten cities of the Decapolis and one of the best-preserved. The Greco-Roman architecture and features such as a theater, hippodrome and arched entry earned it the title, “The Pompeii of the East.” We will have dinner at the Geneva Hotel in Amman followed by a good night’s sleep then leave for the airport in the morning.

Tue Mar 28

Flight Home

Queen Alia, Amman to Istanbul on Turkish Flight #815 departing 7:05am
Istanbul to O'Hare on Turkish Flight #5 departing 2:20pm

Flight Details

Thu, Mar 16 2023
Depart O'Hare at 10:40pm
ORD to IST on tk6
Arrive Istanbul at 5:00pm
Duration: 10 hours 20 minutes
Fri, Mar 17 2023
Depart Istanbul at 7:10pm
IST to CAI on tk694
Arrive Cairo International at 8:30pm
Duration: 02 hours 20 minutes
Sun, Mar 19 2023
Depart Cairo International at 5:30pm
CAI to LXR on Charter Flight
Arrive Luxor International at 6:45pm
Duration: 01 hours 15 minutes
Fri, Mar 24 2023
Depart Aswan International at 9:00am
ASW to AQJ on Charter Flight
Arrive King Hussein International at 11:00am
Duration: 01 hours 00 minutes
Tue, Mar 28 2023
Depart Queen Alia, Amman at 7:05am
AMM to IST on tk815
Arrive Istanbul at 9:35am
Duration: 02 hours 30 minutes
Tue, Mar 28 2023
Depart Istanbul at 2:20pm
IST to ORD on tk5
Arrive O'Hare at 5:50pm
Duration: 11 hours 30 minutes

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