Study Tours for pastors and Christian educators

All inclusive, highly-discounted study tour experiences that will forever change the way you read, lead, and teach.
Israel - Jan 2019

All Inclusive

Literally. International airfare, lodging, meals, gratuity, water (and more!) is included in your cost. We’ve taken care of everything.

Biblically Focused

This is a study tour, not a sight-seeing trip. Many (seasoned!) pastors leave saying, “Why didn’t I learn that in seminary!?!”

In Depth Study

Our pre-trip curriculum, printed study guide, and passionate leaders get the most from the sights, sounds, smells, and flavors of the Holy Land.

Study tours are a great option for your sabatical, continuing education, or for helping you rediscover your passion for Scripture.

On a GTI Study Tour you’re not a tourist—you’re a ministry investment.


January 2-13, 2019

Led by Rich Ferreira

Who are these trips for?

Pastors, Teachers, Leaders, Students
These “Pastor and Christian Educator” trips are specially created for those in full-time vocational ministry—pastors, Christian educators, Seminary/Bible College students, etc. They are designed show how a group study tour can bring the land and lessons of the Bible to life! There are no strings attached, and your only obligation on a “fam” (or familiarization) trip is to keep your eyes, ears, and heart wide open to soak up and retain as much of the experience as possible! It is our hope that after experiencing a GTI group study tour you’ll want to come back with your church, school, or group.


Why a GTI Study Tour?

All Inclusive

More than simply a statement about pricing, “All Inclusive” describes GTI’s holistic approach to facilitating purposeful travel and experiential learning in cooperation with our Ministry Partners.

Biblically Focused

Your tour leader, study materials, and even itinerary are biblically focused, creating a journey that will draw you more deeply into God’s Word with each step you take.

In Depth Study

Our pre-trip curriculum, printed study guide, and passionate leaders will equip you with the knowledge required to understand the sights, sounds, smells, and flavors of the Holy Land.

Experiential Itinerary

Each stop on your itinerary is selected because it provides an experience than brings meaning and emotional significance to the information you will be learning.

Pre Trip Curriculum

In partnership with Moody Bible Institute, GTI provides all participants access to an online course that covers terminology, concepts, history, and geography foundational to your Study Tour.

Printed Study Guide

This invaluable printed study guide features maps, timetables, and Bible references providing you a single location to record, document and journal all you’ll be learning and experiencing.

All Expenses Covered

There’s no need to worry about wasting time and money haggling or being surprised by hidden costs. Except for souvenirs and optional upgrades, every part of your trip is covered.

Online Registration

Our secure online payment and registration system allows for payment plans and reminders, easy passport and document uploads, and confidence that your money and information is safe.

Preparation Guide

What should I wear? Should I bring snacks? How can I physically and spiritually prepare? Our preparation guide will walk you through everything you need to know for an amazing Study Tour. Check it out!

Online Tour Journal

Friends and family can receive daily updates of text, photos, audio, and video from you and other participants to keep up with where you are and what you’re learning via the GTI Online Tour Journal.

Backpacks and Gear

We take care of everything so you can stay focused during your Study Tour, including providing you with a hydration backpack, study guide, passport/ticket carrier, and even a flashlight (when the trip calls for it).

Local Guides & Drivers

We have spent years developing relationships with experienced guides and drivers because they are an integral part of a study tour. And if you already have a trusted guide/driver you prefer that’s ok too!