His restoration plan for all things

December 6, 2017

Today was our last full day in Israel, and it was such a special day. We traveled to the Mount of Olives, then to Gethsemane, we then entered the Sheep Gate and visited the Pool of Bethesda. From there we continued to the the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where’s it believed Jesus was crucified and then placed in the tomb. We finished up the day on the southern wall steps. It’s hard to put into words how special this journey was today, a lot of the places we talked Jesus walked in his last days.

The common thread that Brian has weaved throughout our time here in Israel is that from the very beginning…in the Garden, God has been working out His restoration plan for all things. How we’ve seen this through the Word, through the pictures and walking it out has been an experience that we will all take with us and it will cause us to live differently.

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A very special moment

December 5, 2017

We started off the day in the City of David, which is one of the older original parts of Jerusalem. We stood on the lookout and talked about David and Bathsheba. We then went into a theater and watched a short 3D presentation about the City of David.

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How much of your heart does God have?

December 4, 2017

We started out the day at Mt. Precipice, this is in Nazareth, the home of Jesus. We read Luke 4 and the story about how Jesus was rejected there. We talked about how Jesus was always in the right place at the right time, even as it related to the portion of a Torah he was to read.

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Just like David

December 3, 2017

Great day today, our team is learning so much each day.

Our first stop was in was in Beit She’an. It was a vibrant city in Jesus time, Hellenism was brought here by Alexander The Great in 330 BC. It was neat to see all the different parts of the city and see the way they did life. Brian asked us after looking at this city, “how do we live where we live and not get sucked into the culture?” But also, because Jesus did this…”How do we use what’s in the culture to make the Gospel clear?”

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December 2, 2017

Our first stop for the day was in Gamla, we stopped here and talked about Vultures often times they are Eagles. The picture for us was when a Rabbi spreads his prayer shaw, his disciples were “under his wings.” From there we moved up the trail a little bit and talked a lot about the Zealots. They had a hideout here in Gamla. Brian encouraged asking us “How zealous are we for the cause of Christ?”

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I know you, and you know me.

December 1, 2017

Our first stop this morning was Chorazin a village in northern Galilee, which means “Furnace.” Here we learned about the process for a Jewish wedding, and how it is very much like how Jesus is preparing a place in Heaven for us right now. We also discussed the idea of Insula, which is a family living space with houses surrounded by a courtyard. But the deeper meaning is that we are connected to the people around us, we have community. Insula means that “I know you, and you know me.”

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Living water

November 30, 2017

Our first stop today was Ein Gedi. We sat under a tree while we read and discussed 1 Samuel 23, where David cut off the corner of Saul’s robe. This happened in Ein Gedi. We moved up the path a bit and came to a waterfall. We talked about how life is a desert, and asked ourselves the question “Do we want to drink from cisterns, or living water? Then most of got under the waterfall as a reminder that we want to drink from living water!

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Restoring all things

November 29, 2017

Let me start off by saying…WHAT A DAY!!!!

We gathered early at the hotel and had breakfast together and then went down to the beach where Pastor Brian led the team in our morning devotion time. We then shared God stories, and prayed.

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Live, Learn, and Keep!

November 28, 2017

What a day! We started off the day bright and early in Bet Shemesh. We sat on a hillside and read through Samson’s story. What a neat experience to read the Bible in the place where the events you’re reading about happened.

From there we moved on to Tel Azekah, in the Elah valley. We sat underneath some trees and read about David and Goliath. We were encouraged to “Throw our Rock.” God has given us gifts and abilities to “Light it up in Jesus’ name”

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It’s been a long day of traveling

November 27, 2017

It’s been a long day of traveling for our team. We departed Houston on Sunday evening and reached our first stop, Istanbul approximately 12 hours later. We caught our next flight into Tel Aviv a few hours later.

We are very excited to see what the Lord has for us. Pray that God would open our hearts, to hear and see things that give us better understanding of the Bible. Pray that physically we would be well rested and ready for a big day on Tuesday.

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Preparing for Israel

November 17, 2017

Our trip to Israel will be here before you know it!

Once we’re on the ground in Israel, we’ll post periodic updates and photos. Check back often or get update notifications using the subscribe options on this page.

We’ll be sharing our travel experiences online with you, our friends and family, to not only bring you along on the journey with us, but to also solicit your ongoing prayer and support. Most of us on this trip have been preparing mentally and spiritually for what will be a life-changing experience in the land. We’re also preparing physically as we train our bodies to handle all the time we’ll spend on our feet walking. So please pray that we would be diligent in our preparations and we would all be ready to learn what God has to teach us!

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