Conquered by Israel

March 23, 2017

Nine days ago we set out to conquer the land of Israel, however it is Israel that has conquered our hearts. I woke up this morning with an array of emotions as this will be our last day in this beautiful country. On day one pastor Michael talked about this being a journey; that we had the presence of the lord, we lost the presence due to Adam and Eve whom hid from him after their sin, and since then we’ve tried to seek the presence of the lord. However it’s the lord who’s seeking us. We were chosen before time in our mothers womb.

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Day 8 in the land

March 22, 2017

Shalom, Shalom!! My name is Andy, and I will be your tour guide for the next few paragraphs. What a rollercoaster ride we had today. We started high, at the…

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Faith and risk

March 20, 2017

What an amazing, amazing time it has been so far. Every day in Israel gets better than the last. Today we began with a boat ride and time of worship on the Sea of Galilee. No matter where you were on the boat every where you looked was another stunning vista. It was so powerful to be on the same Sea that Jesus called Peter to walk out to Him on. Singing “spirit lead me where my trust is without boarders, let me walk upon the waters” has never been so real and overwhelming before. I can’t imagine anything better than worshipping with the family of Christ on such a significant Biblical place.

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Who do people say that I am?

March 19, 2017

Hello! I’m very excited to be writing the blog entry for today! It almost seems like we are fitting more and more into each day. We started today by taking a short bus ride to the traditional site of the Sermon on the Mount. At the traditional site a church as been built but instead of going to the church Michael lead the group down a dirt road. After a short walk we were on top of a hill looking over the Sea of Galilee. It was so easy to imagine Jesus standing and telling a large group of people what the Kingdom of God looks like.

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A New Name

March 18, 2017

I am extremely honored to be the one to write todays blog on the fact of what we did today. We started the day, if you can believe it, on a cloudy, chilly beach on the East side of the Sea of Galilee. We worshiped looking out across the lake to mount Arbel, the city of Tiberias, and Capernaum. We listened to the lion and the lamb, child of God, and Cornerstone which was so good. It was interesting being on the East side of the Sea because that would have been where the Gentiles lived in the first century. To think that Jesus ventured out to those people as well as the Jews.

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So much more to tell

March 17, 2017

The weather here in Judea is similar in many ways to southern California but the temperatures are more like Death Valley since this is mostly desert climate, as in, Jesus was tempted in the desert, Though not in the traditional sense of sand and cactus, we learned that there are three Hebrew terms for different types of desert. Midbar is a desert that is mild enough to raise sheep and goats, and Tsi-ya is a more scarce climate where you must walk for a full day, (an average of 26 miles, where we got 26 mile marathons) to reach a rest spot or camp known as a Han to avoid staying the night out in the harsh elements of the desert. And finally the third is Yeshimon which is an empty desert.

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Wilderness and Water

March 16, 2017

Click into the post to watch today’s video!

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God’s Presence and Compromises we make

March 15, 2017

Wow, what a day but that is probably said all the time. The reality is I needed today. To understand more, we need to back up. We have wanted to go to Israel since the very first trip Rocky Peak went on. The timing didn’t work out for us until now. We’ve been anticipating for a while and getting ourselves ready. To be real though, the getting ready was a chore. There were lists and more lists. Packing list, shopping list, work list, home list, kids list, grandparents lists. Study lists, exercise schedules and many other areas of just life as we know it in Los Angeles crowding in. Lists are important and preparation is vital for any activity. As much as I hate lists and as much as I’d rather “just go with the flow”, I’ve learned over the years that this is what I need to keep my personal and professional life in order. The only thing is in the middle of all the planning, I lost sight of why I wanted to come on the trip in the first place.

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Preparing for Israel

March 7, 2017

Our trip to Israel will be here before you know it!

Once we’re on the ground in Israel, we’ll post periodic updates and photos. Check back often or get update notifications using the subscribe options on this page.

We’ll be sharing our travel experiences online with you, our friends and family, to not only bring you along on the journey with us, but to also solicit your ongoing prayer and support. Most of us on this trip have been preparing mentally and spiritually for what will be a life-changing experience in the land. We’re also preparing physically as we train our bodies to handle all the time we’ll spend on our feet walking. So please pray that we would be diligent in our preparations and we would all be ready to learn what God has to teach us!

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